česká verze

General information:

  • The competition will be focused on search in areas including free-standing buildings, human and canine first-aid, orientation using GPS and communication.
  • Teams consist of two handlers and two dogs. Each handler with his/her dog attends all exercises, either in cooperation with a teammate, or individually.
  • Each team takes part in several exercises testing area search and other various skills and knowledge of the handlers. In case of identical scores, the final time in one of the area searches (so called Time-Trial Area) will determine the winner.
  • Exercises will take place during both day and night time.
  • Each exercise will be time limited, with unknown number of victims.
  • The team has a free choice of means and solution tactics, praising and reward system.
  • Nature of terrains: various levels of difficulty; up to 200 000 m2 area for a team; free movement in some of the areas might be restricted.
  • By sending the application form, every handler agrees with entry conditions stated below. This will be affirmed with a signature during attendance.
  • Bitches in heat are excluded from the competition.
  • Each handler can attend with just one dog.
Saturday 6:45 – 7:00 attendance, vaccination card control
7:00 opening ceremony, drawing of the starting order, detailed information
8:00 – 15:15 area exercises as scheduled
17:00 – 20:00 area exercises as scheduled
20:15 communal dinner
22:20 – 2:15 night time area exercises as scheduled
Sunday 7:30 – 14:45 area exercises as scheduled
16:00 award and closing ceremony

Minimum entrance requirements:

Dog – No previous passed exam is required. Nevertheless, level of difficulty of this competition predetermines it for experienced dogs ready for practical deployments. The dog must be in good health and vaccinated. Proof of officially required vaccinations must be found in a pet passport or in another vaccination certificate.

Handler – Participants must be in good physical and mental health. Minimum age requirement is 18. Equipment and clothing appropriate for search area exercise includes clothing with long sleeves and legs, protective footwear/boots, helmet, work gloves, headlamp/flashlight, handheld radio transceiver, GPS hand-held receiver and first aid kit.

Accommodation and catering:

Participants will be accommodated in dorm rooms with shared bathroom and a small kitchen (heating, water boiling). It is necessary to bring a crate or a travel box for accommodation of dogs. Alternatively they can be kept in cars in front of the building. It is strictly forbidden to let dogs move unattended around the building, climb on beds or other furniture.

Catering is provided in form of communal breakfast, individual cold lunch and communal dinner.

Entry conditions:

  • Every participant is obliged to behave in a way that prevents harming themselves or others.
  • Participants are obliged to behave in a way that prevents causing any loss or damage to public or private property.
  • Every participant states that his or her health status is sufficient for participation.
  • Participants are required to follow every instruction issued by the organizers.
  • Organizers cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to the property of participants caused by misconduct or nonobservance of instructions.
  • Participants are required to use personal protective equipment such as protective helmet, gloves, boots and other as indicated by the organizers, maintain said equipment in adequate condition and use it correctly.
  • Participants are forbidden to enter areas marked as prohibited.
  • Participants declare and are held responsible for their dog´s vaccination status and declare that dogs do not show clinical symptoms of any communicable disease nor have they been in contact with any communicable disease within 14 days prior to the event.
  • Any attempt at providing or acquiring information about search areas or location of the victims from others participants may be ground for disqualification.
  • Mistreatment of dogs will cause immediate disqualification from the event.
  • Aggressive behaviour of the dog or injury to the victim will cause termination of the search and disqualification of the team from the whole competition.
  • Use of alcohol or drugs is prohibited during the event.
  • Handling open flames is forbidden in or near forested areas as well as inside buildings.

Registration and fees:

Application form

Confirmation of registration, payment instructions and other detailed information will be sent to the email stated in the application form. Registration fee is 2000 CZK per team and is to be paid by 14 days from the confirmation of registration to the organizer´s account. If the team fails to do so, their place will be offered to other applicants. In case of absence the paid registration fee will be refunded only if the team provides the substitute. Otherwise the means will be used for coverage of the organizational expenses.

Registration fee includes accommodation and catering.

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